In a remarkable achievement, two exceptional students from Great Sankey High School, Ella Owens and another dedicated pupil, have secured coveted work experience placements with Cheshire Fire and Rescue. The positions were highly sought after, with a rigorous selection process involving an initial application form and interviews.


Ella, demonstrating her commitment and passion for community service, has successfully navigated through the competitive application process. Her enthusiasm for making a positive impact and her dedication to learning about emergency services have set her apart in securing this valuable opportunity.


Accompanying Ella, another unnamed student from Great Sankey High School has also triumphed in the application and interview stages. Their achievements highlight the high calibre of students at our school and their ability to stand out in competitive environments.


The work experience placements with Cheshire Fire and Rescue provide a unique opportunity for Ella and her fellow student to gain insights into the daily operations of one of the region's crucial emergency services. This experience will not only broaden their understanding of the challenges faced by first responders but also equip them with valuable skills and knowledge that will undoubtedly shape their future endeavours.


The school community commends Ella and her fellow student for their exceptional achievement. Their success serves as an inspiration to their peers and a testament to the calibre of students at Great Sankey High School. We wish them a fulfilling and enriching experience as they embark on this valuable opportunity with Cheshire Fire and Rescue. May their time with the emergency services be both educational and rewarding as they contribute to the community in meaningful ways.